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Open cell insulation is a great option when you're looking for noise canceling. It's a good choice for businesses and residential areas - in high noise or high traffic areas, such as highways, airports, or hospitals.

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In addition to the benefits of open and closed cell insulation, you can also use spray foam and pour foam.

Another option available to you from AAA Foam Insulation, LLC is closed cell insulation. This option provides you with an added vapor barrier, plus added structural strength and can also be used in high moisture or flood prone areas. It is required by FEMA in remediation of structural flood damage.

The advantages of closed cell insulation

Open and closed cell insulation for high traffic and food areas

Advantages of open cell insulation

Technical Data -

GacoGreen 052, open cell spray foam

GacoFireStop, open cell spray foam with expanded exposure certifications

Technical Data -

GacoGreen 183M, closed cell interior exterior spray foam

Closed cell foam can also be used in areas for food processing, butcher shops, coolers, and freezers when protected by casual food contact approved coatings.

Technical Data -

Andek USDA Certificate, coating to cover foam in casual food contact areas

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